1. What is the minimum age to work on a cruise/river ship?
    On Cruise ships the age minimum is normally 18, depending on the cruise line.
  2. How much luggage should I take with me?
    Since cabin space is limited we would advice to take only the most necessary leisure clothes with you. Be aware that most time you will spend in your uniform and you might want also leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs you have bought abroad.
  3. How long is a ship contract?
    Cruise lines hire seasonally and all year-round. Contracts vary, but are normally 4-6 months, depending on the position, and can be renewed. Especially on River ships substitutional personnel is wanted for the Winter Season (ca November-Januar). This can be a good way to „catch a glimpse“ of ship life and work.
  4. Will I get any training on board?
    On board, you will be required to attend safety courses, with emergency and fire instructions, lifeboat handling etc. There will also be routine emergency drills throughout your time onboard.
  5. Do I have to buy a uniform?
    Mostly companies will pay for your uniform. However, you will have to bring your own shoes, socks etc..according to the uniform regulations. Our advice is to bring 1 or 2 sets of (comfortable!) shoes as well as private working clothes.
  6. Do I need to bring my own linen and towels?
    No - All towels and linen will be provided onboard.
  7. What kind of clothes do I need to bring with?
    You usually have to wear your uniform in all public areas. You are only allowed to wear your private clothes in the Crew area or if you go ashore.
  8. How do I clean my clothes?
    Your uniform will be cleaned in the laundry free of charge. For private clothes you can either use a service which will be charged to you or you can wash them yourself in washing machines provided for crew. (Most ships do have special facilities with washing machine, dryer and iron)
  9. Is accommodation and accommodation free for crewmembers?
    Both, food and accommodation are provided free of charge for all crewmembers which allows you to save a lot of money.
  10. What is the accommodation on a ship like?
    The living conditions on ships are small and offer little privacy. On some ships staff share bathrooms. On most ships you will have a TV in your cabin. You will eat away from the passengers. In your free time, you can hang out on the crew deck, sunbathe, or use the spa at certain hours of the day. Some ships have a crew bar.
  11. Are there any crew facilities onboard?
    Usually Cruise ships have a crew gym and deck where you can enjoy your free time.
  12. Can I purchase some items onboard?
    On some ships crewmembers can buy items like snacks, beverages, cigarettes, etc. with a special crew discount.
  13. Am I allowed to smoke onboard?
    Yes, you can smoke, but only in designated areas. Smoking in your cabin is strictly forbidden!
  14. How can I keep in touch with my friends and family?
    Email: Almost all cruise ships offer internet access. On some, you can use the (paid) internet café on board. When visiting a port, you can go to internet cafes on shore.
    Phone: Phone service on board of Cruise ships is by satellite, and can be expensive.
    Mobile Phone: You can use your mobile phone in ports. Getting a connection on board depends on the country and location you are in.
    Post: You can also use regular mail. At each port there are addresses where you can pick up your mail.
  15. Is it possible for my family and friends to visit me onboard?
    Most cruise lines offer special rates and conditions for your family and friends to travel on board.
  16. Will I be able to spend some time off the ship?
    When the you are „off duty“, you will have some time to spend ashore and explore the different countries.
  17. What does USPH mean?
    USPH stands for „United States Public Health“.
  18. Do I have to pay any taxes?
    There are no taxes deducted from your salary.
  19. Do I have to pay my own plane ticket?
    This depends on the cruise line. Some companies will pay your transportation to the ship, others will expect you to pay your own transportation. Some of the cruise lines will then pay a „fix amount“ for tranport after having completed your contract.
  20. How will I get paid and how can I send money home ?
    On Cruise ships usually you get paid in cash and you can put it into the on-board safe. You can then send your money home from a bank ashore. On other ships, payment will be done via bank transfer into your account.
  21. Is there an onboard-healthcare and insurance?
    There will be a health coverage onboard the ship.


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