Why Sultan Cruise International?

Sultan Cruise International is the FIRST and ONLY officially registered Turkish Recruiting Agency who is specialising in placement of Turkish personnel on international Cruise and River Ships.

Mehmet Osman Arzik has been one of the first Turkish Crew on Cruise as well as River Ships. With his extensive knowledge he gained over the last 10 years, he has become a valuable member of some well known Cruise Lines.

Dedicated to the life and work on ships, he is now passing on this knowledge to enable other young Turkish to work at sea, so more cruise companies can benefit from his expertise.

Knowing what it takes to become a reliable crew member, he wants to set new standards in the process of choosing only the very best of qualified candidates. With an individual consultation and support, each candidate will be prepared thoroughly for the duties and life on board.

As a brand new agency, we are aiming for a trustful partnership with our cruise company partners to build up a reliable and professional recruitment service.

So give us a call and benefit from our Top Service and Top Crew!


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