Application Process

After we have received your application, you should expect a reply from us within 7 days.

We will then invite you for an interview after which, if successfully passed, you will have to complete our training course and we put you on the waiting list.

Depending on your skills (such as foreign languages) we can then place you onto a ship. you should expect 3-12 months waiting time, but it can also happen very quickly!

If we have a suitable job offer for you right away, we will contact you immediately and discuss how to proceed next. Just be aware, that once you're on „the waiting list“, you can expect a call from us with a job offer any day!

Of course you can always call us and ask about the current status of your placement! We will inform you any time about your application process and maybe new job opportunities.

Also we will give information about all current incoming job openings.

Please notice that your application will be treated as strictly confidential and only forwarded to a potential employer after we have given you all the relevant information about the position and received your approval.


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