River Ship

Working on a River Ship you can get known to many interesting countries through which rivers such as the Rhine or Danube flowes through..

Glide along the Danube, Europe's second longest river that flows eastwards, through the following countries and cities originating in the Black Forest in Germany, passing through four Central and Eastern European Capitals*, before ending into the Black Sea.

  • Germany (Regensburg, Passau)
  • Austria (Linz, *Vienna)
  • Slovakia (*Bratislava)
  • Hungary (*Budapest)
  • Serbia (*Belgrade)
  • Romania (Tulcea)
  • Bulgaria (Rousse)
Or sail on the Rhine, the longest river in Germany which is passing numerous historic castles and medieval villages and discover interesting places like Germany's oldest city, Cologne, with its world famous Cathedral.

On the Rhine ships are also passing other countries such as..
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • France (Strasbourg)
  • Switzerland (Basel)

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