Founder and Managing Director of Sultan Cruise International is Mehmet Osman Arzik who has been working in the Hotel and Gastronomy Industry for over 18 years.

In 10 years he completed 21 contracts on Cruise and River Ships which lead him 5 times around the world, visiting over 160 countries as well as the smooth waters of the Danube and Rhine River in Europe.

1991 Mehmet started to help out in a family owend hotel near Izmir. During the following seven years, besides visiting school, he gained valuable experiences, working in all Hotel departments.

1997 he started his studies at the Balikesir Tourism and Hotel Management University in Ankara, which he successfully finished with his Tourism Management Master Diploma in 2001. During this time he continued working in the Banquet Office of the Ankara Hilton SA Hotel.

At the end of 2001 Mehmet went on the German Cruise Ship “Ms Astor” to work his very first contract as “Commis de Rang”.

With a lot of commitment and endurance, Mehmet was adapting to the ship life and work quickly. By the end of his first contract, he was promoted to be “Chef de Rang”. Contracts as Assistant Maitre d'Hotel, then Maitre d'Hotel followed while working on other Cruise Ships such as the “MS Astoria”, the “MS Lilli Marleen” and the “MS Mona Lisa“.

2008 Mehmet worked the Maiden Voyage Season on the worlds' most modern twin cruiser, the 5 star+ River Ship “TC Premicon Queen” which was followed by a contract as Maitre d' and Bar Manager on the “MS Viktoria” which is also a River Ship, cruising on the Danube and Rhine River.

Now, with his extensive knowledge about working at sea, he wants to enable many other of ambitious Turkish to follow his footsteps and has, as the first officially registered and licensed Ship Personnel Agency in Turkey, opened the doors to International Cruise as well as European River Ships.


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